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  • PMI wins leading Catalan Publisher - LA VANGUARDIA

    Thursday 22nd of November, 2018

    We are delighted to announce that from the 15th November 2018, PMI has acquired the new exclusive representation of the Leading Publisher in Catalonia – GODO STRATEGIES.

    These include:
    - LA VANGUARDIA & - Catalan quality daily newspaper.
    The supplements of LA VANGUARDIA include: Dinero, FASHION&ARTS magazine and VANGUARDIA magazine.
    - MUNDO DEPORTIVO & - Catalan quality sport daily newspaper.
    - RAC 1 - Leading radio station in Catalonia.
    - rac105 - Leading musical radio in Catalonia.

    Catalonia, together with Madrid, is the most important area economically in Spain. Catalonia has the highest new inward investment percentage in Spain.
    It's €215.6bn (£191bn) economy, larger than that of most countries in the eurozone, generates more than one-fifth of Spanish GDP, while Catalonia’s exports of €65.2bn represent more than one-quarter of the national total. At about €37bn, foreign investment in Catalonia accounts for more than one-quarter of inward investment in Spain.
    (source: INE, Idescat, FT).