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  • Prime Media International announces exclusive UK representation of France Télévision

    Thursday 5th of December, 2019

    Prime Media International is delighted to announce its first exclusive agreement in the French market with  France TV Publicité.


    France TV Publicité is the commercial arm for some of the leading TV channels in France. There are 40 channels and they include:

    • France2: Award winning generalist French TV channel. 38 mil viewers/week.
    • France3: Generalist network of original television services providing news, entertainment, and cultural programming. 33 mil viewers/week.
    • France4: The channel of history, heritage and territories. 19.8 mil viewers/week.
    • France5: The channel of knowledge and discovery representative of all cultures and people. 26.2 mil viewers/week.
    • FranceÔ: The channel features programming from the French overseas departments and collectivities in Metropolitan France. 8.2 mil viewers/week.


    TV5 Monde

    The leading French-language international general channel:

    • 60 mil viewers;
    • 355 mil household worldwide;
    • 9 feeds (14 subtitled languages);
    • Multi-device offering.



    The French state-owned international news television network:

    • 80 mil viewers;
    • 385 mil household worldwide;
    • 4 feeds (FR - EN - AR - ES)
    • Multi-device offering.


     France TV Publicité also offers thematic channels:

    • National Geographic
    • La chaine météo
    • Melody
    • Boomerang
    • SYFY
    • WB TV
    • 13 Rue Eme
    • My Zen TV
    • E!
    • Trace Urban
    • Cartoon Network
    • Boing
    • Toonami


    Please get in touch for any additional information.

    Prime Media International Team